Anybody else sick & tired of hearing about the "GREATEST" home based businesses...

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Traditional about to get knocked out! Like the Dodo bird, they too are about to become extinct!

....anybody else sick & tired of hearing about the "GREATEST" home based business, or MLM opportunities that have ever visited the planet…or how you can make $15 bazillion dollars a minute…or join here with us…it's completely FREE…or "we have the bestest and greatest product in the whole wide world"……just to find out they mostly and/or


At best… 98% of these so called “opportunities” are simply over hyped...over zealous...gobble de goop...where your hard earned money never goes anywhere…but down the drain!

At worst… they are outright scams that cost you thousands and thousands of $$$ as you go down a road of despair and frustration and bankruptcy!

Hi, my name is Greg. I am one of the “old timers” and have been involved off and on with these so called “opportunities” since I was 19 years old. I have seen and experienced it all…and most of it makes me angry!!!

Don’t get me wrong…I have made good money with some of them…right up to the moment they change the rules or close down the business or they get shut down by the government, or you find out how shitty their products really are!!!

I don’t know about you, but I could NEVER sell something that wasn’t extraordinary, or didn’t make me feel real excited about it…it’s just not in my DNA to be able to sell average and ordinary things…EXCEPTION: I did sell newspaper subscriptions when I was 12.

So in April of 2018 I took it upon myself and decided to see if I could change the world of “Home Based business” and make it all better…MUCH, MUCH BETTER!

I realized that something had to change and change in a big way!


The international statistics on these types of businesses says that…97% of us are going to actually lose money…NOT make money in MLM OR Network Marketing!!!

Think about that…97% of us are going to go in the red while the top 3% get rich off of our naivety and hard, relentless work! losing 97% of the time the kind of odds you want to be betting your future on???

Hell no it isn’t!!!

We want something much, much better, we want a REAL, honest and viable business opportunity!

We want to find a company that pays US way more than it pays itself!

We want a safe place to go where ethics and doing the right thing are paramount…and where the company bends over backwards to help us get rich!

We want a business opportunity where we can build it now and then give it to our children and grandchildren and then to their children by way of inheritance later…

We want an extremely easy and duplicatable system that anyone can do.

We want a payout system that increases our income every single month whether we work on the business or not!

We want to become wealthy…not work our asses off while these companies becomes wealthy!

We really want it ALL right???


HELL YES…we do! And why shouldn’t we want it ALL…don’t we deserve it too?

Well hang on to your hats people….the time has come for a change…a BIG fat change!


“INFINITE INCREASING INCOME” is a Private Membership Association and we are here for 1 reason and 1 reason only…to get you to multi-millionaireship……IN 3 SHORT YEARS OR LESS!

We have created a one-of-a-kind business model that is going to literally rock your world!

It is NOT “MLM” or “Network Marketing”…but is a revolutionary new way of conducting business from the security and comfort of your home or small office…and it is part-time ONLY!

The magnitude of our “Pay Plan and the pursuant cash flow vs. the amount of work required is unprecedented!

Your monthly income will increase exponentially to infinity whether or not you continue to work your business…so YOU get to decide at what age you retire…not some predetermined scenario where Social Security and measly retirement benefits, that you have acquired over your life time, determine your age or time of retirement!

”Infinite Increasing Income” is a very unique idea and a monster money making machine, which has been set up as a safe and secure “Private membership Association” and it works like this….

If you choose to do the minimum (highly recommended) 5 hours per week (that is one hour per day – 5 days per week or whatever you decide)…you will start by calling excited people who have raised their hand and have said in writing that they would love to hear more information about a viable, part-time, home based business opportunity which we have to offer….so you NEVER have to explain your new MONSTER business to your friends and family members…if you don’t want to. (we have this completely covered in our training Academy)

When you do the 5 hours per week…the 5 hours should consistently generate at least 1 new member a week for you and your new business.

If you do your due diligence and continue your 5 hour part-time effort every week for 52 weeks…this is what it will look like…

52 weeks = 52 new members

52 new members = 52 HOT SEATS for your new business

Each HOT SEAT is a revolving door of $25.00 payments coming to you each and every month (potentially to infinity)!

Note: When you are on the HOT SEAT…the ONLY way to get off the HOT SEAT is to bring in your 1st new member and give that 1st new member UP to your sponsor…as your “One UP” (everyone must Give UP their very 1st new member to their sponsor)

When you give up that 1st new member you are now OFF the HOT SEAT and qualified to start receiving your own $25.00 monthly payments from all of your new members (ALL of your personally sponsored new members become metaphorical HOT SEATS…bringing in $25.00 monthly payments to you – potentially to infinity)

AND…ALL of your HOT SEATS become revolving doors of $25.00 monthly payments coming to you every single month – potentially to infinity!

This path to “MILLIONAIRESHIP” is going to cost you EXACTLY…$40.00 per month!!!

That’s right…everyone pays only $40.00 per month… Yes, that’s very crazy…I know…

you will fully understand later…but, I guarantee you 100% that it is only $40.00 PER MONTH. (You will have other, normal misc. business ALL other businesses.)

AND…we will be training you FOR FREE!!!

You get $25.00 of that membership fee for every one of your personally signed new members AND…every single member that goes through your HOT SEATS – potentially to infinity!

Are you beginning to see the huge potential in our AMAZING, brand new system???

…when you do the scenario above…bringing in one new member a week…you will then have 4 new HOT SEATS created every 4 weeks or 52 HOT SEATS at the end of the year!

Now…if these 4 HOT SEATS (that you produce every 4 weeks) just produce the minimum of 1 new member each…every 2 weeks…that will amount to you getting paid…$300.00 in the very first month!

Your 4 HOT SEATS = $100 per month + your 4 HOT SEATS producing 1 new member every 2 weeks = 8 new members = 8 x $25.00 = $200.00 per month in the first 4 week period = $300.00. This is just the 1st 4 weeks!

What happens in the next months and years and decades…

is purely magical & ingenious…game changing effects!

…IT IS EXACTLY WHY WE CALL IT “INFINITE INCREASING INCOME”…because NOW…after your 1st month, your INCOME starts to INCREASEexponentially…to INFINITY…every single month!!!

So…using the same scenario as above…

your income in the 2nd 4 week period looks like this…. $800.00

your income in the 3rd 4 week period looks like this…. $1500.00

your income in the 4th 4 week period looks like this…. $2400.00

your income in the 5th 4 week period looks like this…. $3500.00

your income in the 6th 4 week period looks like this…. $4800.00

your income in the 7th 4 week period looks like this…. $6300.00

your income in the 8th 4 week period looks like this…. $8000.00

your income in the 9th 4 week period looks like this…. $9900.00

your income in the 10th 4 week period looks like this….$12,000.00

your income in the 11th 4 week period looks like this….$14,300.00

your income in the 12th 4 week period looks like this….$16,800.00

and in the 13th 4 week period your income is.... $19,500.00

For a running total of an AMAZING $100,100.00 in the very first year (1st 52 weeks)!!!

Behold…your new “Infinite Increasing Income” business!

When you continue getting just 4 new members in every 4 week period into the 2nd year

…and everything else plays out exactly the same as in the 1st year… your income makes a very STEEP climb to $590,200.00!!! This is the MAGIC of “Infinite Increasing Income”!

Third year income…a HUGE steep climb! $1,519,700.00

Forth year income…WOW! $2,888,400.00

Fifth year income…MAKE IT STOP! $4,694,300.00

…..sorry no one can stop your “Infinite increasing Income” from “exponentially” Increasing to Infinity…not even you…unless of course you stop paying your $40.00 monthly membership fee!!!


AND your business can be handed down to your family members by way of inheritance…in case of your death.

All of this cash for getting only 1 new member a week

and paying just $40 per month….PRICELESS!!!

Plus you get full access to the mind blowing…”ACADEMY” that teaches you HOW to do your new and exciting there are more areas of incredible upper level education waiting for you inside the “Academy”!

It took us 16 months of very hard work, but we finally succeeded in changing the way

“Home Based Business” will operate from now on, AND those companies that don’t change their evil ways will be left in their expensive and lavish home offices to DIE!

We have changed EVERYTHING…and it is the most incredible and amazing thing you have ever seen in business…to say the least!

Now you need to know…this is not “pie in the sky”…it does start out slow and yes you do have to work for it (part-time)

…but yes…every month your income does increase exponentially…every single month!

How much it increases will be totally up to you…obviously the more you work in your business the faster and the bigger your income will increase….


GO AHEAD…get out your B.S. meter right now…you will find that it won’t be registering a single bar! Because…this program is 100% TRUE…100% REAL AND 100% ACCURATE.

We understand that none of these money figures can be guaranteed, because we do not know your work ethic…but if you do the recommended minimal work involved, it will happen for you just like it is stated!

The minimal work is ridiculously easy and simple….literally no more than 5 hours per week part-time…and everyone will be working it “Part-time”.

We could not have made it any simpler, easy, or lucrative for you!

ALSO…we will never force you to fill your garage with any of our products…or make you do any automatic monthly shipments to yourself!

…those types of forced sales and manipulations…ARE WRONG!

Like I said…we have changed EVERYTHING! And Home Based Business will never be the same again…

Call me now…my personal contact number is… (541) 900.5559

I will be taking on 10 new people at a time and will be personally and professionally training those 10 people to get from mostly “BROKE” to BIG time “MILLIONAIRESHIP” in less than 3 years…

It will take less than 1 week to get you trained for “MILLIONAIRESHIP” and for you to start making money…

There is nowhere else you can go (in the known universe) for this specially designed and very unique, one of a kind, MONSTER, Home Based Business opportunity! NO WHERE!

NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO CALL ME…OR…you can call me later…and let someone else take your spot AND your money AND your “MILLIONAIRESHIP” status!

It’s completely up to you….you either want to forever change your life or you don’t?


P.S. when you see our COMPLETE pay structure some of you are going to wet yourselves…others are going to scream…and some are going to flat pass out…. But some of you are going to walk…

Don’t Be A “Walker”…and don’t be a fool!

P.S.S. we have 6 very lucrative payout structures and most have never been seen before!

We have actually applied for patents on our pay plan…that is how incredibly important this plan is…This may be exactly what you have been looking for your entire life….this is your wildest dream coming true in this moment… GO FOR IT…. just give me a call.

Do today what others won’t

…so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.


(541) 905.1954




Greg Simmons

(541) 905-1954

Albany, Oregon    

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